ToolBook and The Missing Link

fenn's response

ToolBook Business Models

my response

David Gingery and industrial bootstrapping

An update on skdb and a fellow from /r9k (2009-08-08)

An email on the topic of fabricational recursion

Mensheds ("bring back the shed")

Interchangeable parts (and maybe also Port-compatibility and connectability based assembly design)

Manufacturing ecology (not from the openmanufacturing mailing list, but it should have been on there)

Marcin Jakubowski of Open Source Ecology, endorsement of a revolutionary proposal (see also: factor e farm update)

What's all this about "open", anyway? (long)

Recipe representation (see also: process specification language)

Open Design Aphorisms

Design packaging

A brief page on self-replication (not from the mailing list, though it was linked to once in an email on the list)

Toaster from scratch (an art project- see also the completely useless digestion machine)

Launch of the Journal of Abundance

Return of the tool-oriented inventory comparisons of fablabs, techshops, mensheds, emachineshop, ...

Life-cycle assessment machine (comic)

Will products ever roam the web like MP3s?

open hardware directory

open hardware directory, part 2 (continued)

An internet of packages of physical things using standard small containers

Manufacturing standards and metadata

Mechanics of sharing physical designs

reprap and exponential growth

What became of the "personal robot"? (followup, followup)

Personal Open Manufacturing Manual (post-apocalyptic scenario- see "civilization-in-a-box" (Bokov) too)

The Open Toolbox for domest disaster response

Seven types of DIY-bio risks compared to machine shop risks

Getting Greece and Iceland to be 99% self-sufficient by mass; international consortium

Family-tree metadata for open hardware?

content license of posts to the list

OSCOMAK & BFI challenge (see the entry and the intro)

Open source ERP stuff

todo-list for SKDB-related work


Recycling versus scrap metal

Youtube videos of 3D printers

The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

Origami, TreeMaker and ReferenceFinder

Reprap circuit printing

Forgetting the screwdriver

Zero-confidence and why I'm blacking out

More autonomous exploration and mapping of abandoned mines

Open manufacturing scifi?

Materials for free stuff


The Open Enterprise

Retiring [or laid/pissed off] engineer's survey - draft

P2P Space Agency (and this one)


Factory-in-a-box: mobile manufacturing

A practical leap into open manufacturing

Bookmarks related to B2B

VOICED design repository

Open Patenting to Prevent Enclosure of the Open Manufacture Commons

Technological singularity & open manufacturing

Biological manufacturing, biotech

Open Everything Map

Open manufacturing standards, brief notes

How are you driving open manufacturing and how can we help?


note: many interesting manufacturing techniques that are relatively obscure have been posted to the list and have not been indexed here. Feel free to find them and send them back my way. -- Bryan