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Interesting computer interfaces

From the Matrix (1999):

From Serenity (2006):

"You can't stop the signal ... everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere."

Aug. 25 2007- "Carnosaur 2" (1995) had an interesting setup. One of the characters got to hop into this swivel-chair that had multiple monitors attached to the arms with keyboards that he could interface with. Couldn't get a photograph of what was going on (and don't really want to go hunt down a DVD version of it- doesn't seem worth it).

Brainstate augmentation computer setup may be the next generation of programming and using the internet. Not only is it a journey across the web and through millions of lines of source code, but an inner journey as well -- an inner journey to maintain the same mind-state, to be "in the mode" for as long as possible, at any cost.