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Art of problem solving (2007-10-08: MySQL errors)

http://community.boredofstudies.org/ (RSS)
http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/index.php (2007-10-08: RSS, but probably not worth the trouble)
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Molecular station (RSS)
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Orion's Arm RPG (no RSS) (2007-10-08: dead?)
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Physics simulation forum (no RSS as of July 28th, '07) (2007-10-08: RSS?)
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Open Source Aerospace (2008-02-17: RSS)
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Betterhumans.com (2007-12-15: no RSS)
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Team FREDNET (2007-12-16: no RSS)
InterPlanetaryVentures (2007-12-28: no RSS)
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Forex automated trading systems discussion (2008-01-15: RSS)
Quantnet (2008-01-15: RSS)
EcoliHub forum (2008-01-27: no RSS)
The Methuselah Foundation Forums (2008-02-13: no RSS)

http://slashdot.org/ username: the_kanzure (RSS)

Even older from '03 was the DarkBasic community, but no longer does that seem to be of any use. Too, there was once the GameShark community, which has been erased and replaced in the last seven years with something 'worse' (or maybe I only see it clearly now). Gaiaonline.com, too. Can't forget that.

Microbes forum (kind of inactive)
Medscitalk if the registration functionality ever approaches 'working'
Biocompare if they ever remove their ads.
Chemicool (just not lots of activity yet)
Analytical chemistry forums (maybe when the membership increases)
Unpublished chemistry forums
Maybe chemist.pk if the ads and bots are removed.
Maybe Mychemistrytutor.com/forums/ if the registration feature ever starts working.
WebQC forums re: chemistry looks nearly dead, so maybe in the future. (no RSS)
ilovephysics.com forums if it becomes more active and less, dead.
Epidemiology forum if it ever becomes more active (33 registered members, 5 posts, ...)
FreeMathHelp.com- though it's mostly basic mathematics.
StudentDoc.com- kind of small place, no RSS as of July 28th '07, etc.
http://physicsmathforums.com/ - Not much activity?

Not yet added

2007-08-24: osdev.org forums (RSS)
2007-10-14: Copperthermite.com (no RSS) rocketry.