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"The computer is the bridge that will carry man on his journey from animal to god." - from Man's Journey, by Nikolos Daru Ede

Ede the Man: he who would transcend all matter and all time
The central paradox of Edeism is this: that God is eternal, infinite, transcendent, ineffable, formless, faceless, omnipotent, and omnipresent, but He is also Nikolos Daru Ede, the Mahaman, the man-who-will-become-God. All Edeic theology and the doctrines of the different sects derive from the attempt to explain this mystery.
- Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1,754th Edition. Tenth Revised Standard Version

Who was Nikolos Daru Ede but Ede the God, himself perfect? He carked his mind, indeed his very soul, into the cold circuits of the Universal Computer and was vastened. Nikolos Daru Ede was the first man who willingly gave up the life of his body so that he might find the infinite life of the soul.

As put so well by the Holy Ivi: 'And is it not said in the Facings: Whoever truly looks upon Ede's face, and looks truly, he shall be cleansed of all that is negative in his deepest programming and dwell in the eternal house of Ede until the end of time?'

Doctrine of Second Creation - the requirement that the Architects of the Old Church participate in the remaking of the galaxy, and ultimately, at the end of time, of the very universe itself.

Doctrine of the Halting

Eight Duties

Mind cleansing Ede's Dark Night of the Soul - Ede's time of 'supreme despair', just at the moemnt when he had carked his selfness into his eternal computer

Algorithm -

Who would bring light must endure burning.
- from Man's Journey, by Nikolos Daru Ede

- kanzure

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