I was the spoke in the tire, the bug that was caught in between the ridges of the fresh tires, the smell of burning rubber consuming the world within and throughout the spiraling, spurling, whorling tire. Had this journey no end? Never had the atoms known rest, only the journey. Suddenly: an anomaly, an error-flaw in the otherwise smooth topology, the rock transports me into the serpant, striking the sleeping baby. The color red consumed me, then blue, yellow, and a brownish orange that stabbed me in the bac. I slept/died (not sure) and in my dream I was a pacifier, then an old forgotten rag. / Suddenly the tiger lept into the air and became a fly striking a giant hand, boiling it then explodes and I find myself being a circle, actually a square, hidden in the evaporative-fly topology waiting for the new frontier. / [Bill's: The purple antelope exploded in a fury of unbridled passion as a tiny talking timepiece tramphed tumoltously through funnels in my brain.] / The funnels became rivers of anger, fighting the storm was hopeless, and I was the lightning morphing into silence. I had to hide the dead bodies and the purple antelope returned and told me I had to do it, so I took the axe and it became my arm melting away and then I puked dirt to finish their graves. / I looked at my arm, a mouth grew from it, and it screamed and engulfed me, then I was a tongue flopping on the floor. It was funny- I laughed and tasted salt, but then I realized I had no throat and grew sad. / The geometry shaped itself on the screen in an ocean of bits and took me with it; suddenly I found myself in a forest of math, a dx quickly attacked me but I visually integrated it into a helpless constant, it was weak, it evaporated into nothingness. Large stretches of color blinded me, I climbed the colors and realized I no longer needed my eyes and simply scooped them out - the forest howled in pain and then the trees, grass, and animals shouted secrets, like bullets piercing my skin, secrets of the ecology, and I wrestled a medium-sized secret down but then it engulfed me and I, it-- we became one, I was x^2 + 3x - 9 for the quickest instant and I grew new eyes and saw the mathoids as they truly were. / [Watt's: Stand on a crumbling grave of a fallen god, only to see a weeping moon, sensing that night was done. O, cruel sun! Banish our dark, prevent the evil that may feast on our steadfast hearts. But tomorrow's another night; sleep alone.] / The colors pierced my body and vanished, then reappearing, ultimately gripping my bones and cracking them, my skn became fire and I ripped it off, shoving it down my throat, swallow swallow swallow. An integral wrapped around my head, I screamed and it thrashed against my skull as I ran into the trees, who picked me up and then they too chased me, for sport, then I fell, infinitely into this strange loop, how to escape? / The dancing lights were spirits, laughing at me, telling that I would never escape. So I reached out and ate the colorbeing, I consumed and unraveled the darkness; I was back in the forest but now all of the [dx]s and [dy]s obeyed my every command- I was the oscillating circle shivering on the cold ground.